The Holy Expedition

The latest session
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So in the last session you all woke up and went inside of the tomb, temple combo in the Barren Lands, the forces of those occupying the temple have set up inside. While sleeping Austin and Jermey both had dreams given to them by their gods. Ill do my best to recap.

Austin: A walk through the woods with your god the god of nature and the hunt. He told you that you must reunite the kingdoms of men and the dwarves. Should you fail so will your quest in the end. You also caught a glimps of his afterlife which called you forth but he forbade it as it was not your time to die. You were told to seek your father and uncles help in fixing the rent between the kingdoms.

Jermey: A field of battle which spread as far as the eye could see, in which your and those of your current companions bodies laid awaiting the crows or other more fowl beasts to eat what remained of you. This site almost drove you mad but Odin brought you back before such could come to pass. He told you to find the lost book on the primal magics which was currently either in the small kindom to the south filled with mages and other magical people or it laid in the lost kingdom. Stories of which are still told to scare children.

After the dreams you entered the temple and began to delve into its secrets, an idol of Hecate (I think) was found and broken releasing a powerful magic which damaged the barbarian rather heavily. Jermey also fell down an 80 foot pit trap and somehow managed to survive. We ended with you all trapped inside of a room the doors sealed as it began to fill with smoke

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